10 Reasons Why 20+ Authors Are Heading for Hawkesbury Upton Literature Festival

Debbie Young outside venue of Hawkesbury LitFest

Festival founder Debbie Young is poised to welcome you to The Fox!

Our community is extremely lucky to be able to welcome more than 20 authors of all kinds to the first ever Hawkesbury Upton Literature Festival, all giving freely of their time in order to share their love of books and reading with the audience. We asked them what makes the HULitFest so special, and here are some of their answers:

  1. “It’s great to have this part of the country on the literary map. Who needs Hay if we have Hawkesbury?” Ali Bacon, novelist
  2. “What’s not to like about a many-splendoured celebration of writers and words in a South Cotswolds pub?!” Caroline Sanderson, non-fiction author and associate editor of The Bookseller
  3. “To drink the wine of fellow writers and toast the enterprise!” Rosalind Minett, novelist
  4. “I’m taking part because I genuinely believe we’re in the grip of a self-publishing revolution (Marx himself would be proud of the way indie authors are seizing the means of production). Plus, I’ve heard the tagliatelle at The Fox is outstanding.” Andrew Lowe, novelist
  5. “Who knows, Hawkesbury may become in due course the next Hay on Wye!” William Fairney, non-fiction author specialising in engineering 
  6. “I’m taking part in Hawkesbury Upton Literature Festival to share my work, to meet readers, and to have a great evening with other writers, in a wonderful local community setting.” Ellie Stevenson, novelist
  7. “I’m really excited about the opportunity to engage with readers and other writers at the festival. I’m hoping to share knowledge and experiences and I look forward to a fun night!” Helen J Rolfe, novelist
  8. “Writing is a lonely occupation and I need human company – which is why I jumped at the chance to meet readers at Hawkesbury Upton Literature Festival.” John Lynch, novelist
  9. “Local writing events of this quality are rare, and as a passionate writer of creative or narrative non-fiction, I am delighted to discuss the cross pollination of fiction and non-fiction and attempt to justify using fiction and non-truths to tell a true story and show how stories have their own way of evolving to tell a universal truth.” Paul Murphy
  10. “As a local writer, I’m thrilled to be here at the first ever Hawkesbury Upton Literature Festival. How exciting to be part of a wonderful, new event – and what could be more wonderful than books and words? Let’s hope this is the start of something huge!” Shirley Wright, novelist and poet

As you can see, you will be in great company – come and join the fun!

Thursday 23rd April at The Fox Inn, Hawkesbury Upton

Readings from 7pm until late

Discussion panels 8pm-10pm

Admission free

Everyone welcome! 


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