Exciting New Programme for April 2016 Festival

Watercolour of Hawkesbury Monument

The Somerset Monument in Hawkesbury Upton

We’re pleased to announce our exciting new programme of events for the 2016 Hawkesbury Upton Literature Festival.

The Festival will run all day on Saturday 23rd April (World Book Night) at two venues in the heart of the village – The Fox Inn and the Methodist Chapel. Events will include:

  • lively panel discussions on stimulating topics about books, writing and reading
  • themed reading events, each focusing on a specific genre
  • children’s workshops, storytelling and activities
  • writing workshops for adults

This year’s panel discussions, each led by a relevant specialist and comprising 4-6 authors, will be on the following topics:

  • Writing What You Know
    Chair: Jackie Kabler, TV reporter
  • How Much of ME Should There Be in a MEmoir?
    Chair: Caroline Sanderson, Associate Editor of The Bookseller
  • The Book of the Film vs the Film of the Book
    Chair: Andrew Lowe, film journalist
  • Historical Fiction Debate: My Era’s Better than Yours
    Chair: Lucienne Boyce, historical novelist and historian 
  • The Challenge of Writing About Difference
    Chair: Sarah Brown, psychologist 
  • After Nordic Noir, What’s the Next Big Thrill?
    Chair: Adam Baron, university lecturer 
  • Why Does Poetry Matter and What Can It Do That Prose Cannot?
    Chair: Dan Holloway, award-winning performance poet

The first of these events will start at 10.15am, with the next sessions following at 15 minutes past the hour, every hour, until 4.15pm. Each session will last 50 minutes to allow for people to come and go between sessions.

More details of the children’s activities and workshops will be announced shortly.

To keep up with the Festival plans as they’re announced, follow the blog, and you’ll receive each new announcement post in your email inbox. (To follow the blog, just click the blue rectangle, top right of the column to the right of this post.)


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