Programme of Readings Announced for the 2016 HULitFest

The programme of readings for the April 2016 Hawkesbury Upton Literature Festival has been announced. These readings will take place in the peaceful setting of the Methodist Chapel, Back Street, to ensure even the softest spoken author will be audible.

This year, we’ve grouped the readings by theme, to provide a more satisfying and consistent experience for the audience. Each session of readings will last 50 minutes, and will start at 15 minutes past the hour, every hour from 10.15am until 4.15pm.

All the authors who are reading in each session will be there for its duration, and the session chair will bring them together to form a panel for questions to be taken from the audience at the end.

Here is the list of the sessions:

  • 10.15am Historical Fiction
  • 11.15am Short Stories and Flash Fiction
  • 12.15pm Contemporary Fiction #1
  • 1.15pm  Poetry
  • 2.15pm  Contemporary Fiction #2
  • 3.15pm  Non-Fiction
  • 4.15pm  Items Composed at the Festival

This programme has been carefully planned to complement the series of panel discussions taking place in The Fox, e.g. the Poetry readings will not clash with the discussion “What’s the Point of Poetry?”

Full details of who will be reading in each session are available on the April Festival page. 



2 thoughts on “Programme of Readings Announced for the 2016 HULitFest

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