Waitrose Community Matters Scheme to Support 2017 Lit Fest

We’re delighted to report that the Chipping Sodbury branch of Waitrose, which kindly co-sponsored the inaugural Hawkesbury Upton Literature Festival back in 2015, will again be supporting us in 2017 via its highly-regarded Community Matters programme which every month shares £1,000 between three local causes.

View of supermarket across the car park

Chipping Sodbury Waitrose makes supermarket shopping a pleasure

How the Community Matters Programme Works

The Festival will be one of the beneficiaries of the scheme in February. At the end of each purchase at the till, shoppers are given a distinctive green token and invited to post it in a box for one of that month’s three causes. At the end of the month, the tokens for each caused are weighed separately, and the £1000 is split between the three causes in proportion to the number of tokens each has received.

The Waitrose Community Matters scheme thus supports 36 local organisations throughout each store’s catchment area each year, making a real and much appreciated difference to the resources and well-being of the local community it serves.

How The Festival Will Use the Donation

Every penny of the money raised will help fund the costs of staging the Festival and will help us keep all events and activities free for everyone to attend, including venue hire and print costs.

How You Can Help

So there’s an easy way to support the HU Lit Fest next month – just do your shopping at the lovely Chipping Sodbury branch of Waitrose, and post your token in our box there!

Collecting box in Waitrose

Waitrose’s fab Community Matters green token scheme in action when they first supported us for our inaugural festival in 2015

Huge thanks to Waitrose and to the Chipping Sodbury branch Community Matters manager Shirley Carmichael for their continuing support.

For more information about Waitrose’s Chipping Sodbury branch, including its opening hours, click here.



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