At each annual Festival, we have a terrific line-up of authors, poets, and illustrators, many of whom returned each year because they enjoy it so much! We also welcomed many new faces for the 2017. We expect a similar mix of old favourites and new arrivals for next year’s Festival.


Here is the list of authors and illustrators who will be taking part in the 2017 Hawkesbury Upton Literature Festival. Please feel free to contact any of them directly – they are all always very glad to hear from readers.

  • AA Abbott – author of thrillers and short stories
  • Jo Allmond and Jess Hiles – mother and daughter writing books for children about being different
  • Linda Alvis  – Bristol artist and author with recently published children’s book Worrall and Robin, currently finalising another book on life and travels as an artist
  • Ali Bacon – novelist and author and performer of short stories
  • Simon Bendry – WWI historian and author of a biography of all those on the Hawkesbury’s war memorial (and those who returned)
  • Lucienne Boyce – author of historical fiction and non-fiction
  • Celia Boyd historical novelist
  • Jean Burnett – historical and contemporary novelist
  • Professor William Fairney – retired Chartered Engineer who took up publishing after writing some biographies of 19th century engineers, also a member of Hawkesbury Writers
  • J J Franklin – aka Bren Littlewood, comes from a mental health and counselling background and wrote scripts before penning her first novel, a psychological thriller set in and around Stratford-upon-Avon featuring DI Turrell
  • Kate Frost – author of time-slip novels for children and contemporary women’s fiction
  • Jacci Gooding – author of short stories and YA fiction
  • Rod Griffiths author of novels and short stories
  • Suzie Grogan – writer, researcher, blogger and broadcaster
  • Jenny Heap – Jenefer Heap writes stories about life and love for grownups, and rhymes about toast and poorly pythons for children
  • Lu Hersey  – award- winning author of myth-based, contemporary teen fiction in a style she calls ‘kitchen sink paranormal’
  • John Holland – award-winning short fiction writer from Stroud in Gloucestershire where he runs a twice-yearly event called Stroud Short Stories , which showcases and promotes local writers
  • Dan Holloway – novelist and performance poet who has spent his life trapped in a 1990s French art movie
  • Glynn Holloway – writer of historical fiction whose future is in the past
  • Jonathan Ionides – retired print professional, former employee of Robert Maxwell
  • Dan Jeffries – author of a memoir about life with two very rare medical conditions
  • Sue Johnson –published as a poet, short story writer and novelist
  • Jackie Kabler – cosy mystery author and TV presenter
  • Joy Kenward – author of historical fiction and writing coach
  • Josephine Layauthor and poet 
  • John Lynch – historical and contemporary novelist and non-fiction author
  • Michael MacMahon –nonfiction author and coach specialising in public speaking, retirement/ reinvention, and debt management
  • Rosalind Minett – character-based writing, impish tinges, dark edge rarely avoided
  • Alan Moyes author of non-fiction 
  • Lisa Overton – Chairman of the National Trust’s Arts Council and furniture historian
  • Lynne Pardoe – author of social work stories with heart
  • JF Pennthriller author also renowned as the self-publishing authorityThe Creative Penn
  • Peter Roberts founder of Clarendon Press in Wotton-under-Edge
  • Orna Ross bestselling novelist, poet, founder of the Alliance of Independent Authors, and named by the Bookseller as one of the 100 most influential people in publishing
  • Mark Rutterford – writer and performer of short stories and flash fiction
  • Betty Salthouse – author of children’s novels and a member of Hawkesbury Writers
  • Thomas Shepherd – author of magic realism stories set in this, or closely-related, worlds, and owned by seven cats, four chickens, two bunnies, and some fish
  • Katharine E Smith – novelist and founder of Heddon Publishing
  • Ellie Stevenson – coffee-fuelled author of history and mystery with a dash of the supernatural
  • Joy Thomas – writer of short stories and poetry about life, autism and Asperger’s syndrome
  • Jann Tracy – author of historical biography
  • Edmund Weiner – Deputy Chief Editor of the Oxford English Dictionary
  • Bob Woodroofe – poet inspired and intrigued by the crossover between art and science
  • Shirley Wright  – poet, novelist and adoring cat owner
  • Debbie Young – butterfly-minded busy bee whose first love is writing warm, witty fiction, closely followed by organising Hawkesbury Upton Lit Fest, also a member of Hawkesbury Writers
  • South Gloucestershire Library Service – library staff, bringing the mobile library with them!
  • Readathon – representatives of the national charity to encourage children to read for pleasure and taking free books and storytellers into children in hospital
  • Hawkesbury Writers  – authors of the Monument to Hawkesbury trilogy of social history books and co-sponsors of this festival

A great line-up of speakers kicking off the first panel discussion of the day: Ali Bacon, Jenny Heap, Mari Howard, Lynne Pardoe, Lindsay Stanberry-Flynn and Jackie Kabler (Photo: Thomas Shepherd)